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HOLIDAY [email protected] BOOK FAIR


December 12-15

If your wallet is feeling the pinch during the holidays, but you’re looking for some awesome new reads, you’ve come to the right place. As the name suggests, we have 99 books on sale December 12-15 for 99 cents each. Less than a buck for hours of amazing storytelling!

Plus, check in daily for a chance to win Amazon gift cards or play instant ebook giveaways for one of 12 books being awarded to lucky winners each day.






 Rescued By the Captain was reviewed by Long & Short Reviews and received 5 stars.

 "The plot was masterly planned and executed with a steady and smooth pace. It was impossible to put the book down

 because the treason and romance plot kept evolving on each page."

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 Rescued By the Spy was reviewed by Long & Short Reviews and received 4 1/2 stars.

 "I could feel their love and chemistry and must note that their love scenes are spicy. However, it’s par for the course

 since the entire book is piquant!"

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 Rescued By the Scot was reviewed by Long & Short Reviews and received 5 stars.

 "If I possessed a stamp of approval then this book would get triple stamped! I love when a book grips me and takes me

 on an entertaining joy ride filled with unexpected adventure. Rescued by the Scot will be going on my keeper shelf."

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